Monthly Archives: February 2012

What I’ve been up to…


It’s been almost two months since I started this web site, and hopefully I will be able to carve out more time to work on it. There are some new pictures in the “Photos” section!

I’ve been keeping busy in the meantime– I have been teaching 4th grade for the past school year, which has basically been all-consuming. If you’ve never been in front of a room of 30 10-year olds I would highly recommend it. Even if you’ve never considered it before, you will learn a lot about yourself. ┬áIt is a part of a New Teachers Project that trains people with no teacher training/experience to work in Denver’s toughest schools. I have made such a great group of friends in the trenches, and the job is so rewarding it would be tough to give up.

The new passion in my life is technology. This is something I never really considered until the past year, but I am finding myself turning into a novice computer geek. I am learning all kinds of statistical analysis software, plus learning how to write code. It is a whole new skill set/talent/hobby that I never really thought about because I didn’t conceptualize myself as a math/computer person, because I saw myself as an intuitive, peace/love humanities person. I love it when things surprise you like that. It just goes to show, never close off any doors or utter the words, “I can’t.”