Here are links to some publications I’ve written in anthropological journals, and a book review I’ve done in Polish history:

  • “A Lot Depends on Us”: Discourses of Collective and Individual Responsibility in

               Polish Women’s Self-Defense Courses. Anthropology of East Europe Review. 27(2): pp. 176-192.


– This is an article based on my preliminary dissertation research in Poland with women who take self-defense courses. In a      nutshell, it’s about how women in these courses are interested in empowering themselves individually, rather than changing things structurally for women as a group. I believe this ties in with Polish culture’s transition from what was perceived archaic, collective, “communist” way of looking at society, to a modern, individualistic, “capitalist” view.

– This is another article on the same topic, but I look at it from a different perspective.  This article still discusses an idea of individualized empowerment, but I also start bringing ideas about gender essentialism that come up in several of the self-defense courses I attended. By gender essentialism, I mean the belief that gender characteristics are fixed and unchanging, rather than performed and negotiable. Many women’s self-defense classes hold tightly to the idea that men have a tendency toward aggression, while women are nurturing, caring and emotional.

-This is a book review of a great historical text.  The history of this region of eastern Europe can be very confusing, because the borders were constantly changing for hundreds of years! This book does a great job of explaining why all of this happened, and helps the reader make sense of the history and how it affects these cultures today..



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