After the half marathon

The Bloomington Half Marathon, Spring 2009


New Harbor, Maine

The rocky beach near the lighthouse in New Harbor, Maine


poland candy

research (translation: buying candy) in Poland, Fall 2007



Whakarewarewa village



Maori dancers at Whakarewarewa Village near Rotorua, New Zealand- Fall 2010



Matamata (aka Hobbiton)- New Zealand- Fall 2010



my dog, cisco

This is my dog, Cisco. He’s 50% corgi, 50% something else, and 100% crazy.


royal arch near Boulder CO

This is closer to my present home! Great hiking.


boulder 2Auckland Harbor

At Auckland Harbor- Fall 2010


rugged maniac

The Rugged Maniac 5K- October 2011. There was some very cold water at the bottom of that slide!

I will eventually organize these into a logical order and add a lot more photos

anthropology costume

The anthropologist prepares to enter the field! (Just kidding, this was a Halloween party)

Biking near New Glarus, Wisconsin (the tunnel of trolls)

Biking near New Glarus, Wisconsin (the tunnel of trolls)

Abby and Alex

I was on Jeopardy in November 2011! I held my own, but got second place

! These are just some of the coolest pictures from the last couple of years.